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Thursday June 21 2018 
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Spring 2018

Farm System  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Subs 2000.000000
Goofball Captains Division  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Miller's Thunder1370.6502942639
Garber's Grasshoppers1370.6502141557
Williams' Diamondbacks1190.5502602648
Lachman's Royals1190.5502162198
Casper's Red Wings10100.5003243016
Farin's Yankees10100.5002572423
Roth's Indians10100.5002572447
Weinfeld's Pirates9110.4502342605
Goldstein's Muckdogs7130.3502622844
Alford's Iron Pigs6140.3002362583
Handsome Captains Division  W    L    W%    RF    RA    DW  
Samsel's Rockhounds1460.7002822108
Eusay's Orioles1460.7002581957
Rakofsky's Red Sox1370.6502722397
Haas' Bulls1280.6002422416
Hauf's Astros1280.6002392238
Shaw's Mets10100.5002302627
Unell's Expos8120.4002212626
Silverman's Rangers7130.3502452605
Schnitzer's Cubs6140.3002522953
Conn's Tigers4160.2002133313

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