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GOW Muckdogs/ Scrappers
May 2, 2013, 12:58 pm

"Any time I get to share the field with a Shalom star like Aaron Nutt, it is an honor.  The fact that it is in the Game of the Week just makes it even more special.  I just hope my team can focus on getting a win and not be awed by his amazing range in the field"  JJ Eusay


“As a kid, I idolized Murray London, the way he could hit the ball wherever he wanted to,  and now to get a chance to play on the same field as Murray, much less in the GOW is a real pleasure.  Still to this day I see people wearing London Olympics t-shirts, which always makes me think of the fine athletic prowess of Murray and Brad London.  Plus with this being the final game of Phillip Kim’s legendary TSS career before he moves to California, it’s only fitting this game is the GOW.”   Larry Goldstein


“What a great new twist to TSS!  Having been gone two years, this is a great way to keep the brotherhood part of the league better than ever” Ira Bershad


“I am so excited to play in the game of the week, I am even going to shave.”   Ki Bays

Scrappers will play the Game of the Week this week vs Goldstein's Muckdogs and it should be some interesting ball.  The Scrappers have been in a slump but it isn't without fighting.  They are ready for a win or two or three or four.  The Scrappers have been dealing with more subs this year than normal and the consistency isn't there.  All team members have been giving their all each and every game and we seem to come up short each game for various reasons.



Each of the Scrappers have been talked to about the game of the week and the consensus is we are ready to get out there and show our stuff.  We all feel we are due and are ready to give it all we got.  The excitement of being on Field 1 with the speakers and the fans cheering us on will show the home team always has a favorable advantage.  GO SCRAPPERS!!


Revised Championship Odds, Week 7 Odds & Dr. C selections
May 1, 2013, 5:13 pm

Championship Odds:
Stars                                   10:1
Rangers, Seadogs, Jays   14:1
Riverdogs, Yankees, Angels, Muckdogs, Indians, Wahoos, Storm, Reds  16:1
Scrappers, Bulls, Red Sox, Royals, Owls     20:1
Pirates                                50:1

                  Game   1
INDIANS       7:5       Yankees
REDS             7:5       Bulls
Jays                8:5       OWLS
ROYALS         8:5       Pirates
Stars             7:5       ANGELS
R'DOGS        7:5     Storm
SEADOGS     9:5     Red Sox
WAHOOS     6:5     Rangers

                 Game  2
SEADOGS    7:5     Jays
YANKEES      8:5    Owls
Stars             9:5    ROYALS
M'DOGS      7:5    Angels
Rangers       9:5    PIRATES
INDIANS      7:5    Reds
Wahoos       6:5    BULLS
STORM        7:5    Red Sox
R'DOGS       6:5    Scrappers

             G O W
SCRAPPERS 6:5   M'dogs

Dr C Selections:
Game 1: Indians, Bulls, Jays, Royals, Stars, Storm, Seadogs, Rangers
Game 2: Jays, Owls, Stars, M'dogs, Rangers, Reds, Bulls, Storm, R'dogs
GOW:   Scrappers  12-10
Last week:   11-7
YTD:             58-50

Brad Zane & Robert santiago POW/ ROW & John Unell / David Buhrow Captain of the month !
May 1, 2013, 4:36 pm
Congratulations to Brad and Robert for aiding their teams to sweeps this past Sunday! Also Congratulations to John and David for being 1st time captains of the month!
Reds:  Brad Zane perfect 6 for 6, 2 BB, 5 R, 5 RBI, great diving catch in foul territory, 2 Reds wins!
Storm :  Tony Macaluso,  6-7, 3 BBs, 2B, 5 runs, 5 rbis
Wahoos:  POW Rony Batagower  4-6, 2B, SF, 3 rbis, Great D at 1B
Pirates:  STEVE ENDA, who had a perfect day at the plate -Steve was 3 for 3 (including 2 doubles), plus 2 walks, and 3 runs scored,
Jays:  POW = David Buhrow 5/6 1 RBI, 1 R, 4 Double Plays at SS 
Riverdogs POW: Rob Shiller, 6-6, plus SF, IBB (with Ransom on deck - ultimate
compliment and craziness), double, triple, 2 homers, scored 7 runs in
eight plate appearances, 8 RBI, played CF of 3 man outfield on big
field in 18-16 game of the week divisional win
Owls: Andrew Williams is my POW nominee for going 6/9 w/ 3 singles, 2 doubles, and a home run with 3 runs and 2 RBI and great defense in left center
Indians: My POW this week is Ryan Lewin Ryan was 5-6 with a BB, 5 singles, and 3 RBI's.
Red Sox:  Bennett Robinson  8 AB, 6 hits, including 2 triples and one home run and 7 RBI
Muckdogs POW -- Brian Elliott -- Pitched 2 great games holding the big hitting Bulls and Baby Jays to 2 and 4 runs, respectively. Brian was also 3-6 at the plate, knocking in a key run
Seadogs: POW-  Greg " Badger" Hurst 4-6. 4- runs, 1-RBI, 1-2b, 1-bb
Angels:  POW- Jon Simonson 5-7, 4 runs, 2 rbi's
Rangers:  POW: Scott Lawrence-5/7 3 2B's, 4 RBI's

Royals:  POW:  David Shaw  5 – 6, 3 Runs, 4 RBI, 2B, 3B

Stars:    Player of the Week: Brad Epstein - 8/4/7/5 with a 2B & 3B and solid shortstop play sparked the Stars to their ninth & tenth consecutive wins

Stars:    Rookie of the Week:  Robert Santiago - 7/0/4/3 with a (3)2Bs and fine play at 3B - had the game winning RBI in the 1-run win over the Storm;


Royals:  ROW:  Justin Toone  3 – 7, 3 Runs, 1 RBI

 Rangers:  ROW   Jeff Lefkovits-5/7 3 runs  
Angels:  ROW - TJ Underwood 4-7, 3 runs, 1 rbi
Seadogs:  ROW-  Kyle Wall  5-6. 1-r, 4-RBI  1-2b
Owls: Richard smith is my ROW nominee for going 2/8 with 2 singles a BB 1 RBI and 2 runs scor
Riverdogs:  ROW: Stan Kelly went 2-4 and scored twice in 18-16 
divisional game of the week win.
Jays:     ROW = Jeff Radnoff 4/6 1 R and great D at first
Pirates:  The ROOKIE of the week was BRIAN STRULL, who was 3 for 5 (including 1 double),
plus a Sacrifice Fly and 2 RBI's.
Wahoos:   ROW  Martin Sopher  3-5, 4 rbis, 2 runs scored, Great D at 2B

Week 6 Odds & Dr. C selections
Apr 26, 2013, 10:43 am

                Game  1
JAYS           8:5   Scrappers
SEADOGS  8:5   Yankees 
M'DOGS    7:5   Bulls
RED SOX    6:5   Reds
ROYALS      6:5   Indians
WAHOOS   2:1  Pirates
Stars           7:5   STORM
RANGERS   2:1  Owls

                Game  2
ANGELS      6:5   Wahoos
REDS           6:5   Scrappers
SEADOGS   7:5   Rangers
YANKEES     7:5   R'dogs
JAYS             7:5   M'dogs
INDIANS     6:5   Bulls
STARS          3:1  Pirates
ROYALS       7:5  Owls
RED SOX     6:5  Storm

ANGELS     7:5   R'dogs

DR.C Selections:
Game 1:  Seadogs, Bulls, Red Sox, Royals, Wahoos, Stars, Rangers
Game 2:  Angels, Reds, Rangers, R'dogs, Jays, Bulls, Stars, Royals, Storm
GOW:  Riverdogs 15-13  Angels   

Last Week:  8-10

YTD:         47-43

GOW Rubber Match !
Apr 26, 2013, 10:42 am

Jon Simonson-

Looking forward to the rubber match with this division rival. This is a big game at the halfway point of the season and if our bats stay hot, I am confident our defense will carry us to victory. 

Loren Jaffe-
What is a Riverdog, anyway?

David Tennyson-
When asked how he manages to mock the specimen of a pure athlete to a T, Clint Hauck said "everything I am is about excellence.  My mental training is equivalent to my physical training.  I don't just grab any cookie off the shelf, I think about the options, I forsee potential issues like heartburn & stomach ache, and select the appropriate item accordingly.  Oh, and I stretch twice in each direction before I move on it.  My body is my money maker"

John Miller-
This a key divisional game with the Riverdoggies. The winner will have the advantage in the race to de-throne the Rangers which will have the support of the rest of the league.

> okay - I sent a request to my guys, but they usually let their bats do
> the talking, right JM?
> Abbey

Darius Wu and Brad Earls are this week's POW & ROW !
Apr 23, 2013, 6:59 pm

Angels:    POW - Jon Simonson 5-7, triple, 5 runs, 5 rbi's 
Jays:      POW = Kelly Alexander 7/9 with 3 2bs and 3 RBIs
POW - Bill Giudice 4-5, 2 no doubt fence homers, 3 runs, 7 RBI, SF
Yankees:   Pow John Banta 5 for 7 speedy baserunning 4 runs and two pitched  gems (2.00 ERA per game)
Royals:   POW:  David Shaw  3 – 5, 1 Run, 7 RBI, BB, 2B
Manuel Rajunov: 3 for 5, BB, R

Muckdogs:  POW -- Tim Williams  6/7, Triple, 4 Runs , RBI, great SS play.

Indians:  Jeremy Golden, who went 4-4 with 4 singles, 2 BB's, and 4 runs scored.

Stars:  POW & ROW: Darius Wu - 9/9/7/7 Line Score with BB, 2B, 3B, (2) HR; Combined with his flawless defense in LCF, Darius sparked wins over the Stars' two Divisional rivals and extended the team's winning streak to eight games.


Royals:    ROW:  Brad Earls  7 – 7, 2 Runs, 3 RBI, 3B

Yankees:  Row Gary Frank two huge doubles, two runs and three big RBi's
Riverdogs: ROW - sub Cody Strull, 4-4, BB, 2 runs, after being up at senior prom all night
Jays:       ROW = Chris Bichler 6/10 with 4 Runs and great D at Third
Angels:    ROW David Phillips 3-5, 2 rbi's

Twitter Week 5 Leader Board is up to Date
Apr 23, 2013, 11:29 am

Your Week 5 Twitter Leader Board and Team Power Rankings are now up to date.

Thank you to the 81.25% of the Captains who got their stats in early this week.  We are up to 45 followers and the next goal is to hit 100.  Wayne has promised a big prize for the 100th follower.  If you're not on there, get to it.....@shalomsoftball is the Twitter handle.

Also includes action photos that you won't get here on the regular website.  Each week your leader board for most statistical categories are posted along with the Power Rankings for the top 5 teams.  In parenthesis is the previous week's rank.  

Exciting Division Rematch of 11 inning affair B/W Bulls/ Stars as GOW
Apr 18, 2013, 2:46 pm
Quotes for game of the week:
Brian Ortega- My first feature game. I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a good one from start to finish. Wu and ortega with the wind!!! (hopefully) "Get your popcorn ready"

Jack Borenstein -- It looks as if the team started on a roll this week It also seems that some of us have been consuming far too many rolls. Let's keep on rolling, both figuratively and literally.

Manny Madrigal- I just hope it doesn’t go 11 innings again!

Bob Davis - Our last game went 11 and I expect this one to be close again. I look forward to batting against John Unell (as does most of the league).
"I am anxiously looking forward to playing the Bulls. I am still embarrassed that it took us 11 innings to beat them last time."
-Chase Berg 
"Though I unfortunately will be out for the game of the week rematch with the Bulls, I am quite certain that my fellow Stars will whip the Bulls into submission. Hopefully it won’t take 11 innings to do it this time.  7 innings of Bob Davis and his band of misfits is more than enough for anyone. Extra innings is just not necessary"

-Brian Rubenstein
"Frankly, I'll be surprised if the Davis Bulls even show up for the game after the embarrassing pasting we put on them two weeks ago.  The outcome was truly never in doubt as the Stars cruised to an easy 10-9 victory in 11 innings."
-John Unell

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