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Congratulations To POW Travis Levay and ROW Brian Macek
Apr 16, 2015, 2:18 pm

Dodgers POW/ROW
Travis LeVay: 7 for 8 (.875), R, 4 RBI. Fantastic defense in RF with several difficult and timely catches.

Richard Zane: 5 for 9 (.556), 2 R, 3 RBI

Scrappers POW
Keith Dlott for managing the team in the absence of Captain Brad London.

Cubs POW

Paul Rakosky 4 for 6 with great pitching

Indian's POW

Randy Ransom who went 5/7 with 4 Singles, and a triple with 4 runs and 3 RBI.

Rockhounds POW/ROW

Thomas Kulcak 9 for 9, 6 runs, 1 Single, 3 dbl’s, 1 triple, and 3 inside the park HR’s oh and 12 RBI’s (this just in he’s really GOOD!!)

David Warren 4 for 8, 2 dbl’s, 2 runs, and 3 RBI’s

Bats POW

Eric Axel 5/3/3/1 with a triple and a walk

Grasshoppers POW/ROW

Aaron Weintraub (again) - 8-9, 3 doubles, a field one fence grand slam, 5 runs, 7 RBI, nice plays at SS and LCF

Charlie Bates 5-8 Double 3 runs, 3 RBI's

Pirates POW/ROW

Mitch Dunn - Mitch was 5 for 6 at bat, including 1 triple, 2 Runs scored, and 4 RBI's plus fine, steady play behind the plate'

Alan Bliss - Alan was 4 for 7 at bat, including 1 double, 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI's.

Rangers POW/ROW

Troy "Man of" Steele   4/6 HR SAC 3 Runs and 5 RBI's

Brian Macek-3/2 HR 3B 2 BB's SAC and 4 RBI's

Muckdogs POW

JJ Eusay led the Muckdogs to their sweep, getting a hit in each inning in which the Muckdogs scored. 6-7 for the day, 2 2Bs, 2 runs , 4 RBIs. JJ also played well in multiple positions for the Muckdogs -- 2B, 3B , LF, SS.

Yankees POW/ROW

Pow candidate Darius Wu 5 for 7, 4 runs, triple, homer and 6 rbi's
Row candidate Dustin Bone 4 for 7 with 4 rbi's

Mets POW

Steve Enda- 5-6 with a 3b 3rbi


Mike Sheppard 4-7, double, 6 rbi's
Brett Luskey 4-7, double, 3 runs

Tiger POW

Andrew Williams - 6 for 8 1hr 2 DVDs 3 singles and walk off HR - to win the game

Iron Pigs POW/ROW

Greg Winn. 5-7. Dbl. 5rbi. Great defense in RF
Jeremy Pigott. 5-8, 4 RBI, 3 runs

White Sox POW/ROW

Ken Behr 4-5, 1bb, 3 runs, 4 rbi"s, 1double, 1 triple, great pitching

Storm POW

Scott Lawrence 5-7 BB, 2 2B, 3 3B, 2 RBI, 4 R




Captain's Corner Highlight Article - See more recaps by clicking on the link to the left
Apr 14, 2015, 12:59 pm

The Yanks faced Hauf's Knights in their opener. The Bronx Bombers took a 4-0 lead in the bottom of the first as Darius Wu belted a three run homer to bring home both Nutts who each had singled. Another hit by Dustin Bone and walks to Bill Walter and Alan Taper brought in another run. The Pinstripers extended their lead to 7-3 through three highlighted by Alan London's triple. The pesky Knights scored one in the fifth and six in the sixth to take the lead 10-7. Taper singled and Tony Dillard doubled to start a rally. Larry Lachman brought one run in with a sac fly and London's single brought in another one to make it a 10-9 game. The Knights brought in two more and held on for a 12-10 victory.

Game two vs Kyle Casper's Storm on Big field one with Larry Silverman announcing the Game of the Week. Danny Nutt worked out a walk and son Aaron Nutt doubled him to third. Dustin Bone singled in two runs to start the scoring. The Storm hit back to back homers to put a scare into the Yanks taking a 4-2 lead. The Bombers rallied with 4 in the 3rd and batted around in the 4th plating six runs. The Yanks held on for a 12-9 victory.

Yankee player of the week was Darius Wu who went 5 for 7 with a triple, a fence clearing homer an 6 rbi's

Rookie of the week candidate was Dustin Bone with 4 hits and 4 rbi's

Week 4 Odds & Dr. C Selections
Apr 14, 2015, 8:24 am

             Game  1
RANGERS    7:5    Mets
Storm        7:5     SCRAPPERS
BATS          6:5    Iron Pigs
CUBS         7:5    Yankees
White Sox   6:5    PIRATES
G'HOPPERS 6:5    Tigers
M'DOGS      8:5    A's
KNIGHTS    6:5    Dodgers

              Game  2
METS          7:5   Indians
Rangers      7:5   SCRAPPERS
I PIGS        8:5   G'hoppers
CUBS         6:5   Bats
W SOX       6:5    Knights
STORM       7:5   R'hounds
YANKEES     6:5   Tigers
Dodgers      6:5   A'S
M'DOGS      8:5   Pirates

              Game  3
I PIGS        8:5   Yankees
TIGERS       6:5   Cubs
R'HOUNDS  7:5   Scrappers
Bats           6:5   G'HOPPERS
Rangers      6:5   INDIANS
METS          6:5   Storm
DODGERS    6:5   M'dogs
KNIGHTS    7:5   Pirates
W SOX        7:5   A's

INDIANS     6:5   R'hounds

Dr. C Selections:
Rangers, Storm, I Pigs, Yankees, Pirates, Tigers, M'dogs, Knights
Mets, Rangers, I Pigs, Cubs, Knights, Storm, Yankees, Dodgers, M'dogs
I Pigs, Cubs, R'hounds, Bats, Rangers, Mets, Dodgers, Knights, W Sox
GOW- R'Hounds
Last Week : 10-8
YTD:           32-22   !!! (Excellent Start)

Captains Corner Article of the Week - See others at the Link to the Left
Apr 13, 2015, 10:31 pm

The Muckdog's swept, beating Unell's Bats 20-2 and London's Scrappers 9-3, to move into a first place tie in Division 1.

In the opener, the Muckdogs hit up and down the line-up with every player getting at least one hit and every player scoring. Scott Ulick's off-season workout program paid dividends with his getting 2 hits, including a double over the outfielders' heads. The second game was pitcher's dual between Muckdog's ace, Sean Greeley, and Scrapper's ace, John Burke. The Muckdogs broke open a 1-1 tie in the 4th, scoring 4, with a walk by Steven Shiller and singles by Todd LeCocq, JJ Eusay, Robert Reighter, Eli Gershenson, and Doug Storm.  In the 6th, the Muckdogs scored 4 more, with Steven Shiller leading off with a home run, then singles Sean Greeley, Jake Ledkins, JJ Eusay, and Robert Reighter, followed by an RBI by Eli Gershenson.

Doug Storm ended his holdout and gave a spark to both the offense and the defense. Sean Greeley pitched two great games, only letting up a total of 5 runs, and the Muckdogs' defense was solid in both games including a great running catch by outfielder Dustin Madlock.

Leading hitters on the day were Player of the Week candidate JJ Eusay 6-7, 2 2Bs, 4 runs, 3 RBIs, plus playing great defense at 4 positions (2B, 3B, LF and SS); Doug Storm 4-6, 2 2Bs, 2 runs, 3 RBIs; Travis Massey 4-6, run, RBI; Sean Greeley 4-7, 4 runs, 2 RBIs; Robert Reighter 4-7, 2 runs, 7 RBIs; Eli Gershenson 4-7, 3 runs, 3 RBIs; and Jake Ledkins 3-6, 4 runs, 3 RBIs, and Steven Shiller 3-6, HR, 4 runs.

Captain's Corner Highlight Article - See more recaps by clicking on the link to the left
Apr 8, 2015, 2:31 pm

In the first game vs Roths Indians both teams had serious issues starting right into the sun on field 2. Super Sub Sam Struthers opened up with a double and consecutive hits from Barry Hersh/Justin Toone/David Shaw plated 2 runs. The bottom of the 1st was a rough inning with the Indians plating 8 runs and taking a commanding lead. Down 6 runs the bottom of the order Eddie Tann & Dennis Shaw got big 2 out hits before the top of the order cashed them in.  Mets played tremendous defense the rest of the way highlighted by Loren Jaffe's diving stop at 1b to save at least 2 runs.  Michael Barth was terrific on the mound allowing 3 runs over 5 innings shutting down the Indians potential comeback Down buy 1 run in the Top of the 5th the Mets exploded for 6 runs highlighted by back to back doubles by Toone & David Shaw followed by hits from by Barth/Jaffe/Kravitz/Enda/Roberts. We added some insurance runs in the 6th and won 19-10.

Game 2 vs Sanchez Rockhounds

Rockhounds opened with 3 in the top of the 1st and the Mets came storming back with 5 highlighted by Kyle Kravitz's over the fence HR on field 5 with no wind. The hounds came back with a few good innings of their own and took the lead but key at bats from Tann & Dennis Shaw turned the lineup over and allowed the top of the order to cash in and we held off a late rally to win 11-9.

Special Thanks to Super Sub Sam Struthers who was a perfect 7-7 on the day and played tremendous defense in LCF. 

POW Justin Toone who was also perfect on the day going 5-5 with BB & SAC with 2 2b's with 4 Runs and 5 RBI's.

Other stars included Barry Hersh who went 4-6 with a BB, 4 R & 3 RBI; David Shaw 5-6 with 2 2b's, BB, 4 Runs and 5 RBI

Captain's Corner Highlight Article - See more recaps by clicking on the link to the left
Apr 7, 2015, 8:45 am

After splitting the first week of games, the Cubs had the early games this Sunday and woke up ready to go.

The first opponent was Unell’s Bats which came in with a 2-0 record. The first inning POW Nominee Matt Rakofsky started off with a double and JT Pierce, Bob Davis and Nick Milton all had hits as the Cubs tallied two runs.  During the third inning the Bats threatened as they loaded the bases with no outs only to come up empty handed when Paul Rakofsky induced the hitter to pull it to Donnie Holtmann who tagged third and tossed home where Yossi Rudomin applied the tag for the double play.  The next batter went out and they were held scoreless.  Meanwhile, the Cubbies added single runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings to go ahead 5 – 1.  In the bottom of the 4th the Bats threatened again and this time plated three runs to cut the score to 5-4. But the Cubs started of the top of the 5th with a triple by Matt Rakofsky, followed by singles from David Tennyson and JT Pierce, a double by Bob Davis and a single by Joel Cerefice.  After an out the hits continued with Donnie Holtmann doubling and singles from Paul Rakofsky, ChrisMusquiz and Robert Santiago then a double by Ben Rakofsky and a single by Yossi Rudomin.  When the dust finally settled the Cubs had scored 8 runs and took a 13 – 5 lead.  The Cubs added one in the 6th and the Bats came back and scored 4 but it wasn’t enough as the final score was 14 – 9.


  • Matt Rakofsky – 3 for 4 with double, triple and 3 runs scored

  • David Tennyson – 3 for 4

  • JT Pierce – 2 for 3 with 2 RBI

  • Donnie Holtmann- 2 for 3 with double, 2 runs and great defense

  • Paul Rakofsky – 2 for 3 with double and 2 runs

Game 2 Vs Garberless Grasshoppers:

After surrendering a run to the Grasshoppers in the first Matt Rakofsky again started the rally as he, David Tennyson, JT Pierce, Bob Davis and Joel Cerefice all singled…an error then a single by PaulRakofsky and the Cubs ended the inning up 5-1.  The Cubs added 2 in the 2nd and the Grasshoppers responded with 2 of their own in the 3rd.  After single runs by the Cubs in the 3rd and 4th and a run by the Grasshoppers in the 4th the score stood 9 – 4 after 4.  Joel Cerefice started another rally that scored 3 in the 5th with additional hits by Nick Milton, Chris Musquiz and Robert Santiago.  In the 6th the Cubs scored 4 more with hits by David Tennyson, an error, single by Bob Davis and triple by Joel Cerefice who scored right afterwards.  Final score ended up 16-3.  This game was also highlighted by two diving stops in the hole at short by Matt Rakofsky who fired to second to get the force.  David Tennyson also forced 2 runners at 2nd from LCF.


  • David Tennyson -- 3 for 4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI

  • Joel Cerefice -- 3 for 4 with a triple and 3 RBI

  • Donnie Holtmann – 2 for 3 with a SAC and 2 RBI

  • Robert Santiago – 2 for 3

    POW Nominee is Matt Rakofsky who was 5 for 8 with double, triple and 5 runs scored as well as outstanding defense.

Week 3 ODDS & Dr. C Selections
Apr 5, 2015, 10:30 am

KNIGHTS        7:5    Indians
A's                6:5   G'HOPPERS
ROCKHOUNDS  7:5   Tigers
WHITE SOX     6:5   Mets
RANGERS        6:5   Cubs
A'S                7:5   Indians
DODGERS        6:5   Mets
BATS              6:5   M'dogs
M'DOGS          8:5   Scrappers
CUBS              7:5   Pirates
YANKEES         6:5   Knights
STORM            8:5   G'hoppers
I Pigs              6:5   ROCKHOUNDS
PIRATES          6:5   Scrappers
I PIGS            7:5   Dodgers
STORM           7:5   Yankees

DR. C Selections:
Knights, A's, Rockhounds, Mets, Rangers
Tigers, Rangers, A's, Dodgers, Muckdogs
Muckdogs, Cubs, Yankees, Storm, I Pigs
Pirates, I Pigs, Storm
Last week :  11-7
YTD:           22-14

Captain's Corner Article of the Week - See others at the Link on the Left
Apr 2, 2015, 9:48 pm


The Iron Pigs showed up sleep deprived and ready for battle.  Mr. Jeremy Pigott( team e-mail antagonist) was MIA in NOLA with pre-celebratory drinks all weekend, however, the Pigs marched on. 

Badger got things going with a single.  With a run already plated and a man on 3rd, Rookie sensation Mr. Chapman hits a shot  causing an error and plated another Pigs run.

Welcome to the top of the 2nd which found hitters 8-12 going 2-3 with 2 BB's helping spark a 7 run inning capped off by another Rookie senastion, Mr. Brumley's base clearing triple.  Big thanks to the true team unity of this club as everyone tries to find a way to contribute no matter where they play or bat in the line-up.

With the momentum on the Pigs side, the under-manned (unfortunate result of a 5 am email) Grasshoppers couldnt really get too much going aside from the bomb into the wind by Aaron Weintraub which burned captain Ryan Alford for a double and left the Captain's jock torched on the field.

Solid D in the infield and Solid D by the corner outfielders and RCF, along side of pitching Rookie Phenom Craig "Ace" Dyer, proved to be the key to victory in this early morning Sunday rubber match.   


GAME 2 -  TIGERS - 11  VS.  IRON PIGS - 14

With an hour delay, the Pigs found themselves cheering and rooting on the other players, especially the former Pigs themselves, for a show brotherhood and league camaraderie.

"Sub Sensation" Greg Winn put on a display on how to stretch and a few of us almost pulled a groin just watching the yoga master at work.  He put his stretching skills to good use as the Tigers peppered right field all through the game.  Although Mr Winn missed a few, he never got down and made solid plays that helped lead this Iron Pigs team to victory.  Thank you" Mr. Sub Sensation."

Badger once again sets the table as he doubles to start the game, and followed by three more hits and a costly Tigers error the Piggies were up 4-0 going into the field. 

This was a classic battle back and forth and with the Pigs up 6-1, but the never say die Tigers come roaring back by the 4th inning to find themselves with the lead 9-6. 

Once again, I cannot stress enough the Unity of this group of Iron Pigs.  Squandering the lead, no one got down and everyone looked for ways to contribute, ie; batting, defense, running bases, or overall good vibes.

Badger started the bottom of the 5th inning which sparked an offensive montage of hit after hit.  This inning saw 15 batters, 9 hits, 1 BB, and plated 8 and a lead of 14-9.

 Mr. Chapman saved the Pigs 'bacon' as he made an incredibly ridiculous catch in RCF to get the last out with runners on and the Tigers gaining momentum. 

This was a great battle of two teams ended with the Pigs on top, however, The Pigs know they were fortunate to escape the Tigers with a win.






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