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Week 8 Game of the Week (3rd Try)
Jun 6, 2019, 6:17 pm

Week 8 Game of the Week

Niswonger’s Lugnuts @ Alford’s Iron Pigs

8:30 PM Field 2


This week’s Game of the Week features the Handsome Captain’s division leader Lugnuts (12-4) paying visit to the streaking Iron Pigs (11-4). The Pigs have won their last 6 games in a row, but that was over a month ago. Weather has not been kind to the shalomers this season and it may take some of the players a bit to get back into the groove. Nevertheless, this should be a great matchup between the brutes of the Nuts and the savvy pitching and defense of the Pigs. Captain Niswonger, usually a bit boisterous about his team’s chances, elected to only offer a one liner.

“Pray for us.” 


Prayers should first be offered to Mother Nature as rain is once again in the forecast for Sunday evening. However, if the Nuts bring the bats they are accustomed to, they should give the Pigs all they can handle. When asked about the matchup and his squad, Ryan Alford has this to offer:

The Piggies are very humbled (Ticket reference) to be nominated for the GOW as we are set to play a very complete team Sunday in the Division leading Lugnuts.

Skipper Niswonger has led a team with his exuberance, energy and softball IQ, These unique tools, not to mention his great talent, has helped him push his team to a 12-4 record thus far. Tommy Two Guns, Nutts 1 and 2, Carver and Wolff seem to help control the dugout as savvy veterans that can flat out play the game. Additions of a handful of rookies such as Duron, Rodriguez, Villareal, and Bailey have fit in nicely and appear to be gems of the draft, quite frankly pure gold in some cases. Anthony and Wang round out the team and those boys would be a great additions to any team on Sunday. The more I type, the more I realize what a feat it will take to beat this group of men, but the Piggies will give all we have to try and make a game of it.

The IRONPIGS have been rocking and rolling with defense all year long, and that is led by Banta on the bump. Rookie sensations Blake Miller and Dalton Underwood have been defensive juggernauts, while Shalom league mainstays Dr. Gadol and Jamie Aron have been well worth the draft pick contributing every Sunday it seems with key AB’s or defensive plays. Kyle Kahn has been rock solid and Chris Coffman is slim and trim and ready to win dropping lbs all season for a post season push. Dustin Bone is nails in the OF and a beast at the plate. Derek Muck has had a great return season playing 3 different positions all while gutting out a leg injury. Piggy vets Sean Brinkman and Brandon Alford have helped cultivate the culture of the team, and have not disappointed between the lines.


The Pigs/Lugnuts matchup should be a fun one, and I am sure brotherhood will be on display while both teams compete and leave it all on the field.”

June 9th Picks
Jun 4, 2019, 5:48 pm

5 PM: D-Backs, M-Dogs, Bulls, Mariners, Jays, Braves
610:  Braves, Astros, M-Dogs, D-Backs, Jays, Grasshoppers
720:  I Pigs, Lugnuts, Rangers, Dodgers, Royals, Rail Riders
830:  I Pigs, Rail Riders

Last games ("years ago"):  18-6
YTD                               :  94-60

Games are cancelled
Jun 2, 2019, 6:45 am

Due to the condition of the fields, and inclement weather.

GOW Week 8 1/2
Jun 1, 2019, 10:01 am

Game of the Week

Grasshoppers @ Lugnuts

9:40 AM Field 2

This weeks GOW pits 1st place teams in their respective divisions.  After a month long hiatus, each team will try to continue their winning ways and build on their leads going down the home stretch.  Neither coach could be reached for comment.  Garber was behind closed doors preparing for the vaunted offense of the Nuts while potential "captain of the year" Niswonger was cleaning out his man cave prepping it for all of his 2019 Shalom Championship memorobilia.  This one should be a doozie and possibly a Championship Series preview.  

Week 8 1/2
May 31, 2019, 10:55 am

830:   D-backs, Yard Goats, Astros, Grasshoppers, Indians, Braves, Lugnuts, Rail Riders, Pirates
940:   Astros, Braves, I Pigs, Dodgers, D-backs, Rail Riders, Lugnuts, Jays, Mariners
1050: Grasshoppers, Royals, Dodgers, Pirates, I Pigs, Red Sox, D-backs, Braves

Last Week:  18-6
YTD         :  94-60

Games Postponed Tomorrow
May 18, 2019, 8:52 pm

The City of Plano has closed all fields tomorrow

See you in June

Week 8 Double Header of the Week!
May 15, 2019, 10:39 am

Week 8 Games of the Week

Niswonger’s Lugnuts vs. Samsel’s Railriders

11:30/12:40 Field 2


This week’s Game of the Week is actually a double dip. The league will be featuring head to head divisional double headers this weekend and many of those matchups carry heavy playoff implications. This contest is no exception, with the two teams being separated by only 1 game in the standings. The Lugnuts have earned their top division ranking with some monster offensive production and great timely defense along with solid pitching. White the Nuts are the top run scoring team in the division, the Railriders are tops in least runs allowed. Their defense has been their key to success but it is backed by third highest run producing offense in the division. This double dip should be a great one to watch for sure. Captain Niswonger is coaching in his first game of the week and he is confident in his group.

“The Lugnuts are honored to be selected as game of the week.  For this write up I will be taking a page out of our opponents play book and telling it like it is with zero arrogance or bravado. 


The Nuts are hands down the greatest team that has ever been assembled, LETS GO!  Highest team batting average, LETS GO!  5 players with Homeruns, and yes our 1 has not hit a homerun because he does not have to, LETS GO!  Our last pick in The draft is hitting .477, LETS GO!  We have the two fastest guys in the league playing LCF and RCF, shut it down, LETS GO! We have Paul Bunion, LETS GO!  Our Nutt’s love to touch 2 in the middle, LETS GO!  Just 4 losses that combine for a total of only 9 runs, 5 of those came in one fluke game, LETS GO!  Scored the most runs in our division, LETS GO!  We appreciate our trash cans and show them the respect they deserve, LETS GO!  


Rail riders post this on your bulletin board.  It won’t matter you don’t have a prayer, LETS GO!”


Wow! Some brash words from a rookie captain with no skins on the wall huh? Samsel took the more humble road (Imagine that!) when addressing the upcoming matchup.

“With 10 games left in the season we are right where we want to be with a chance to earn a bye in the playoffs and win the division. This week's double header against the Lugnuts will go a long way in deciding where both teams end up. They bring the defense and will not give an inch. They are a balanced offensive team. They hit for power and average. They utilize all fields and hit the long ball when needed. I see a lot of similarities in both teams. It's going to be a tough matchup and it should be two close games.

This one is sure to be entertaining for sure and hopefully no trash cans are damaged in the process.

POW and ROW Winners and Nominees
May 11, 2019, 2:02 pm

Last weeks winners of the POW and ROW were Michael Babb and John Gregory respectively.  Very well done gentlemen!

Other Nominees:

Astros: POW- Greg Oetzmann 3 for 5, BB, 2 Big RBI leading to a game 2 win. Solid defense in RF.

Pirates: POW- Cody Strull 6 for 7, Walk off 2 run HR.

Lugnuts- POW- Doug Wolff 5 for 8, 2B, BB and some great plays at first base; ROW- Miguel Duron 10 for 10, 5HR, 14 RBI, SF.

Indians- POW-Bryan Roth 3 for 5, 2 RBI, R  in his return from the DL; ROW-Leo Mendoza 3 for 6, 2R.

DBacks- POW- Greg "Badger" Hurst 4 for 8, 4R, 2 RBI and Gold Glove defense at SS including a triple play in game 2.

Dodgers- POW- Brad Cox 4 for 6, 3 HR including a GS, and solid D; ROW-David Sedman 2 for 4, BB, Great effort and D in RF.

Grasshoppers-POW-Michael Babb 6 for 6, 5R, 11 RBI Leading the sweep.

Cubs-POW- Cliff Pollack 7 hits, all after taking a shot to the chest in game 1. Gutsy performance.

Mariners-POW- Thomas Kulcak 9 for 12, 3 HR, 2-2B, 9 RBI and lock down defense.

Braves-POW- Spencer Manz 7 for 8, HR, 2-2B, 2 RBI

Muckdogs-POW- Scott Lawrence 6 for 8, 2 HR, 3-2B, 9 RBI

Royals-POW-Ari Loiben 4 for 6, 3B, 3 RBI including a game saving diving catch to preserve the win over the Rail Riders; ROW-Chris Salva 3 for 5, 2R and four highlight reel defensive gems behind the plate.  He was a huge key to our victory.

Railriders-POW-Keith Dlott 6 for 9, 2 RBI, 5R

Rangers-POW- Stephen Wedderburn 4 for 5, 2 RBI, 2 BB; ROW-Gustavo Chirinos 4 for 7, HR, 4 RBI

Jays-POW- Jeff Roberts 5 for 8, 2B, 2RBI, BB and great defense at second base; ROW-John Gregory 6 for 11, 2-2B, 3 RBI and No fly zone D in LCF.

Iron Pig-POW- Chris Coffman 5 for 7, 3 RBI, BB, R; ROW-Blake Miller 4 for 6, 2B, 2 BB, RBI, 2 R and three ridiculous defensive plays at 3rd on a bum leg.

Cardinals-POW-Brett Kravitz 4 for 7, 3B, RBI, 2 R and solid D while battling injury; ROW-Travis Woods 3 for 7, 2B, RBI and Dub Clark 2 for 5, 3B, 2 RBI and both played great defense.

Bulls-POW-Michael Cohen 6 for 8, HR, 2B, 5 RBI; Co-POW Theron Patrick 6 for 8, RBI.

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