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Schlock the Monger

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Season prediction issue



Hey Guys,


Great to be back and start another wonderful year of TSSB.  The draft this year found more participation than ever before-unprecedented 20 teams!!!!  Wow this league has exploded under the fine leadership of our esteemed commish, DR C….terrific job Wayne and a big thanks to all the Captains, committee members, and officers for all their hard work.  The Schlock set a new record in trades made-none!!! Trading was going crazy as we crawled through the draft. No one came close to Tyler “son of” Samsel in wheeling and dealin…but many Captains got into the action.  We had many name aberrations in the Captains group…5 Larry’s, 3 John’s, 2 Brian’s unless you put a B in front of Ryan, and a variety after that…surprisingly only one Abbey.  Welcome back to the Coaching ranks Bob ‘and weave” Davis and Paul “rocco” Rakofsky.  New Captains welcome aboard in “Life of” Brian Ortega, Justin “time” Reed, and Steve “Auto” Haas “avocado”.  It was a great draft and social media is now part of the action as Scott Lawrence “of Arabia” posted in real time picks as they occurred….reminding Captains that you can no longer say….I tried to take you but you were already gone before I selected….Oy Veh….rumor has it that the draft will move to the Star next year and be televised on ESPN.


Without much further fanfare here is my fearless and ridiculous predictions for this year….as always, not to be taken seriously or used against me or my team-this is for fun only and no wagers please!!! DR C is the expert on odds and the betting lines…..


Division 1

* Weinfeld’s Pirates-Big Ben!!! Strolls “in the park”…Buccos look good across the board- Infield-solid all around and defensively sound.  P-Kammer “time” or Stan ‘the man” Thomas??? Small question.…. Batting power-good pop from 3-4 guys but not overwhelming power. BA-looks like there are not a lot of holes in the lineup and this team can plate some runs.  Speed looks decent.  My eval shows this as a 600+ squad because it all looks fine.      Predicted finish 16-10


* Silverman’s Rangers-Infield-is DeShaun Smith aka GA the real deal at SS?  Can Barry “ium” Epstein do the job at P? Can Derek not “Muck” it up at the hot corner.  Who plays 2B?  If those answers are favorable, then the IF looks aok. OF-4 really good Ofders but no real LCFder-OF will be good if not spectacular-Chino is fast-Troy “man of” Steele, Harlan “Willie” Davis, and Steve “he’s the “Enda will all field and play solid.  Power-some but mostly gap hitters and good punch throughout the lineup. BA-not many holes in this lineup…I think they will score a lot of runs…IF defense could be an issue…so they may give up a few too many….overall I like this squad to finish well.  Of course they have an incredible skipper!!!  Predicted finish  15-11


* The Conn man’s Tigers-Defending Champ or is that Chump….Pussy cats ? IF-Looks absent mostly. OF-Zack “attack” Kazda in LCF is good, Alexander “the great” fine in RCF,  Not “Hank” Greenberg in LF-speed and ever improving, RF should be fine with someone-Smallwood?. P is well covered with fine hurler “Beam me up” Scotty Greenberg.   Power-I am for it but not a whole lot here….maybe a couple of potential long ball artists. BA-ok but not an intimidating line up-this team will have to put together lots of hits to score consistently in bunches…..Speed-

overall ok but not a strength. Looks a lot like LY’s squad with similar comments.  Like this team but seems to be just a bit short …. sorta like Conn’s normal chip stack.       Predicted finish 14-12   


* John Hauf’s Sea Dogs…..These Puppy’s are an interesting squad who could be right there….IF-looks very solid with “Riding in the” Hurst,  Wedderburn at 3B, and Sanchez at 2B  OF-looks decent . Pitching will be John “choke and” Hauf which is excellent.  Could be an ok defense but not really certain how the parts in OF fit.  Power-some but not overwhelming.  BA-Lots of decent offense up and down but nothing to really alarm the opposition at bottom 3rd. Speed-they have some if they can get on base.      Predicted finish  14-12


* Ortega’s Dodgers-They are Blue. ….IF-looks solid if Captain Ortega plays SS with Doc Levy at 2B and Kravitz at 3B.  OF-is iffy with Brian at SS-if he plays LCF, then it looks just fine but that would weaken the IF-a bit of a conundrum.   P should be really good with Sean “a varitable clothes hound” Greely on the bump.  Power-yes indeed with 3 very strong fence clearers and sneaky pop from a few others. BA-solid line up with few holes-strength of this team in my opinion…..speed-some, but not overwhelming. Good squad who could have a real strong statement at the end-especially with Ortega at the helm!!!  Predicted finish 14-12


* Samsel’s Chihuahuas-Mucho ok….IF-Not sure who plays SS , OF can be salty with arguably the best LCF in the league-Kid Williams and Tyler-the corners look more vunerable. IF just looks confusing unless they sacrifice a big piece of the OF.  Josh Winsor “tie”  is a solid Pitcher who can be a bit inconsistent.  Power-Lots with Kid and Windsor-otherwise, maybe some from rookie “general” Rashad Patton.   BA-Solid but not spectacular. Speed-Looks like a strength. Don’t see this team scoring a lot of runs and defense has too many questions for me…..could be a longish season for the Tylet 2 and Tippy Canoe.  Predicted finish 12-14   


* Rockos Redsox--IF-Matty Rock at  SS and Joel “lay down a” Cerifice anchor a steady looking IF. OF looks 3/4 fine .P in capable hands with return and fine manager Paul “rockin” Rakofsky himself.  Power-Lacking other than the terror of Blake “Indaina” Jones. BA-solid in places but will need long rallies. Speed-athletic and decent. Too light on offense and a few questions for me and not enough pop…Predicted finish 12-14  


* Reed’s Blue Jays-Oh but for a really good BJ-this one may come up a bit short….I feel a bit blue-IF-This team’s IF looks solid on the left side with Warren and KK…. P-good stead with maybe best in league John “here comes” Banta on the bump.  OF-plenty of talent here with The Reed “wacker” patrolling LCF and Naranjo probably in RCF.  OF corners look a bit light.  Power-plenty in the heart of the order but a thinnish bottom half. Lacking some real offensive fire power…BA is ok but soft spots do appear a bit too much.  Speed-a bit, not great….sorta the motif for this squad… predicted finish 11-15  


* Unell’s Roughriders-Might be a bit of a rough ride….IF-looks a bit shaky with some inconsistency all around.  OF will start strong with Thomas Kulcak “attack” a top notch stud.  The rest of the OF is also a bit of a question mark but should be ok. P-In good hands with former championship Captain Unell at the helm.  Pop-Lee “old” McDonald can really pound the pallota along with Kulcack and maybe Garcia.  Not an overwhelming amount of offensive punch. Good speed overall but too many holes in the lineup both on O and D…predicted finish 11-15  


* Shaw’s Mets-Upbeat and fun to play for Manager David Shaw “of Iran” has picked one of his patented offensive minded squads. IF-will be ok but have limited range.    P is fine with Rick Leon “Spinks” on the mound.  OF-Is ok but limited range and certainly not stellar.  Pop-Plenty in first third with maybe best hitter in the league Matt “Barney” Ruckle who can pound the ball into submission, Shaw, and Meyer-the rest looks like steady with occasional fire power.  Speed-Not an overall fast squad but some burners….predicted finish 10-16        






Division 2


* Davis Renegades-HOF coach Bob Davis returns to the coaching ranks with a loud boom!! IF-Looks good with a Scott “lay down the” Lawrence conversion at SS and then two solid players at 2B (Davis) and 3B “Mr Universe “Brian McClanahan-a true mooseoid. P is a big plus for this team with Commish Dr C . OF-Chris Blythe “Danner” can go get em in LCF, Chappy will be fine in RCF, and the Lewins will handle the corners.  Pop-Plenty with Law, Mr Universe, K Casper,Lewins, and Chappy. BA-Not many Holes will be apparent. Speed is good too-looks like the team to beat in the very tough 2nd division…….predicted finish 18-8       


* Haas Mud Hens- First year Capt. Haas “Avacados”looks like he assembled a nice squad.  IF-Looks solid….not sure who plays where but plenty to go around. P- Craig “washer” Dyer is a strong moundsman.  OF has Rob Shiller to patrol a lot of ground along with brother Shiller Pepkin, and maybe Haas.  Pop-plenty of fie power on this squad with Haas, Powers (aptly named) , Phares, and Shiller itp ability.  BA-lots of hitting everywhere-even at the bottom. Speed-yes-a very athletic squad. This team seems to have a lot of the right stuff….predicted finish 17-9   


* Alford’s Pigs-Pig Sooooooey…….Very strong looking group with fantastic Captain who has best attitude in the world!!! IF-looks like Cap at SS, Brink at 2B  and RR at 3B.   OF-Matt Shwarts and “Rolls” Royce Alford in 2 spots-the rest a bit unclear.  Lots of pop with Alford, Ransom, Shwarts, and maybe Carver. P-is Grant Carver the answer? I say yes….BA should be solid throughout.  Speed-I think so. Projected finish…..16-10




* Garber’s Grasshoppers-Well Jiminey Cricket….Coach Garber will have more than just the best scorekeeper on his squad this year-that being the incredible Kathy Garber!!! IF-Pease “please” at SS-should be fine, Karabinos at 3B should be fine……two Nutts (that’s a pair) at 2B-Daniel…good and P Aaron who is excellent there.  OF starts with Wu “wu” joined by “squibb” Myers, Feltman, Garber, and London??? Some questions there…. POP-Wu nelly and some other possibilities but not overwhelming. BA-Solid attack with good Speed.  Tough division puts them here...predicted finish  14-12  



* Roth’s Indians-Runner up Captain Roth brings a nice Injun squad into the 17 season. IF-looks great at SS with Drew “a nice picture” Waggoner (and a fine actor), Simonson “says” at 3B, and

Captain at 2B. OF looks strong with Aymond, Martin, Daniel Roth, and Zimmerman-who leads the league in chatter.   P-is rookie Cliff Pollack who should be fine. I like this teams overall defense.  They do also look formidable on Offense-Pop-yes indeed with Waggon Man, Simon, and Martin.  Speed-in spots-will be around the hunt but in really tough division…….predicted finish…. 14-12    


* Goldstein’s Muckdogs….Perrenial great drafter and Captain Goldy has another good one this year. IF-should be solid as will the OF. P-Michael Barth is a fine mounds men who takes his craft very seriously-a plus at the position-and knows how to grunt in the right tone when hitting. OF-Bruu “the tea” looks like an exciting and studly rook.  Pop-oh yes-at least 3 or 4 with plenty. BO-Ba is solid towards the bottom and will help spawn some of this teams rallies- Speed-some but not a strength….should be a serious contender….predicted finish……13-13   



* Farin’s Yankees-oh damn…Farin wants a mulligan?? IF-Brums is a terrific player who will do well at SS, Crouse at 3B is a monster…right side seems to be missing?  Farin is a solid pitcher-will he miss his special fall league batter mate? Of of Braun, Dustin “bad to the” Bone and Brad Parr “for the course” will be ok but? POP-goes the weasel-after Brums and Cruise, maybe Bone. Too manyso-this may create a bit of consistency issues.  Speed-ok…..predicted finish…11-15     


* Schnitzer’s Cubs-The world champions may have a bit of Bartman this year-IF-IF should be ok but maybe a player short.  OF will depend on two 18 year olds with a big welcome back to their Dad Jerry Levenson…if they pan out, this team could be trouble. P-in good hand with John Burke “society”. McDougal will hit plenty of Bombs and Dave Tennyson “anyone” will be a strong offensive and defensive presence. Just too many holes and questions for this squad …..predicted finish  11-15  



* Miller’s Maurauders…..The gamble may not have paid off with both Bakers in abscencia. Don’t know who 2 and 3 will be, but no #1 for this group. JJ will provide good D and Pop  as will Tim Jameison….Berg and Murray lots of speed and solid on O…..P good with Miller “time” …..just way too many questions and I believe they will be unanswered….predicted finish….9-17


* Lachman’s Royals…….seem to be laching….IF-looks to be ok-OF other then Matt Bruce looks light….P-will be strong with a Fishkind called Mark-3rd round-10 years ago…..some hitting but not enough….like the new 2bman  Pop-a little...BA not sure???  Speed-I think some…..this team has way too many questions for me to see them finish in the money.  Projected finish…..8-18



Wishing you all a wonderful season –stay healthy and have a blast…..Hugs, Monger

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